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One to One Health offers a variety of high quality healthcare services for individuals, families and businesses in the Chattanooga area.  We believe that by establishing relationships between our healthcare team and our patients, we can help people to lead healthier, happier lives.

Available Services

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Primary Care,
Acute Care, Labs
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Prescriptions &
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Behavioral Therapy
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24/7 Telehealth
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Health, Nutrition &
Fitness Coaching
Primary and Acute Care
One to One Health’s goal is to give patients quality clinical assessment and treatment, while focusing on the patient experience and relationship between the patient and the provider. All primary care services can be addressed on site. This includes health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Primary care provides patient advocacy to accomplish cost-effective care through coordination of health care services. One to One Health provides care for various acute needs including evaluation and treatment of acute injury and illnesses.
On site lab services are available at One to One Health. For external lab testing, the specimens are collected and processed for transportation at the clinic. Our lab vendor picks up the specimens daily and transports them to the lab. Results are typically back within 2 days.
Prescription & Pharmacy
One to One Health stocks generic medications in the clinic for providers to dispense. Direct dispensing also encourages medication compliance which will improve the health and attendance of employees.
Behavioral Telehealth Services
One to One Health’s behavioral health team works with each patient to jointly create a confidential, individualized treatment plan that promotes mental and emotional wellness through education, prevention, evidence-based intervention, and recovery support. Professional services are provided using HIPAA-compliant electronic platforms and are protected by the same state and federal confidentiality laws as in-office services. The patient benefits of telehealth include convenient access to care, flexible scheduling, personalized care, and the removal of perceived social stigma. Client benefits include an overall reduction in health care costs by decreasing urgent care, emergency room and in-office visits, as well as absenteeism. Evidence-based quality of care and patient satisfaction are measured and reportable using standardized tools with proven validity and reliability.

Our board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, diagnose mental illness, and prescribe and monitor medications, if appropriate, and recommend treatment modalities. Our Licensed Professional Counselors provide individual or group therapy to help clients improve their lives, develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness and cope with personal challenges. The services of a Social Worker are also available for referrals, coordination of care and identification of community resources, such as substance abuse treatment, case management and recovery support.
24/7 Telehealth
One to One Health provides 24/7 Telehealth services where patients can speak with a licensed provider from the convenience of their home or office during and after clinic hours for acute needs and some medication re-fills. Our telehealth platform is unique in that patients speak to One to One Health providers working in the same EMR as the clinic staff. The telehealth providers have full access to the patient’s chart, including test results, and medical history which allows for more thorough care.
Health Coaching
To effectuate behavior change, we fully believe that the consistent interaction and engagement with the health coach in conjunction with the provider will provide the best adherence to disease management protocols. Health Coach sessions include education about disease processes, current medications that are being used to treat the disease, and goal setting to help improve the patient’s overall health. All the provider and health coach to work as cohesive team allows for best possible outcomes.
Fitness Coaching
One to One Health offers a state-of-the-art fitness facility with medically oriented fitness training and coaching. Our exercise physiologist uses a comprehensive fitness assessment to analyze the patient’s current state of physical health and to develop an exercise prescription that is tailored to the patient’s short- and long-term goals. Our program includes an InBody Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to measure body composition. Specifically: water, muscle mass, and fat mass. Our training sessions consist of one on one training to best identify weaknesses to daily quality of life activities and to educate and enable individuals to utilize learned skills to enhance outside and in-home physical activity. Our fitness facility offers treadmills, arc trainers, elliptical machines, step machine, ADA compliant cardio machines, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, rowing machines, full set of upper and lower body weight machines, free weights, squat rack and more!
Nutrition Coaching
State-of-the-art teaching kitchen for demonstrations and cooking classes is a special perk for One to One Health patients and members. Keeping with our theme of providing superior services to create better outcomes, the teaching kitchen provides our patients and members the opportunity to learn how to prepare tasty, healthy, and cost-conscious meals, snacks, and desserts in person or on various social medial platforms. In addition to demonstrations, cooking classes will be offered to help people prepare nutritious meals themselves so they can better educate their families in healthy meal preparation.

In addition, our health coaches are registered dietitians and are able to help individuals with chronic illnesses manage their health through nutrition management.

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Medical Care Meet with a healthcare provider who will develop a plan of care just for you. Call 423-954-7177
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Health Coaches A health coach will help further develop the plan of care set forth by the provider. Call 423-822-2236